Terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions are available on the online platform to download. The report will be delivered according to specific functioning ideals within 24 hours to the personal or business email id of the personnel who is having a transaction with the business entity involved in the research process. While delivering the print copy of the market report, we actively function throughout the working days. We deliver the physical copy of the report within three working days to the date of order.

While ordering you are entitled to receive 10% customization right depending upon the specification of the reports prepared by you. Moreover, the complicated ideals of the report and the associated functioning of the report analysis programs depends on the functioning of the market research entity and how it decides on dealing with business clients including information on how business research is conducted and the tools utilized in the process of business research. We at Envisage Market Research believe in delivering you the final report within the designated time frame.

Refund policy:

Please read all the available information about any market report before placing your order. Due to the confidential nature of the information contained in our market research reports, cancellation of orders cannot be accepted after the report has been delivered