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Tantalum Market: COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis Forecast to 2028

Published Date: May 2021

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Tantalum is a bluish grey, hard, transition metal. It was earlier known as tantalium and is a very rare earth metal. The unique characteristics of the metal are high melting point which is better by tungsten, osmium, rhenium and carbon. Tantalum along with similar metals such as Neobium, can be found in minerals such as columbite, coltan and tantalite. Most of the tantalum is derived from hard rock mines, and it can also be obtained from tin slags also artisanal mines. Tantalite is corrosion free and a refractory metals group.

The tantalum market is boosting in the near future due to rising importance and demand for electronic gadgets and equipment. Tantalum alloys are having wide range of applications in aviation and land based gas turbine, and the need from this sector is anticipated to escalate at a brisk pace in the coming future due to the high growth in aviation and aerospace industries. The highest quantity of tantalum demand is estimated to come from tantalum powder/ wire application, followed by its application in super alloys. The growth of the tantalum market is due to the dynamics such as high demand for tantalum in manufacturing electronic equipment and gadgets, rising industries such as aviation and aerospace. High request for tantalum wire/ powder in super alloys is also paying to the growth of the tantalum market. However, shifting price of the tantalum ores and imbalance of the demand supply in some of the regions such as Central Africa are some of the factors that are hampering the growth of the market. Long term contracts of supply and growing activities of mining are predictable to create lot more opportunities for the progress of the market. Some of the hindrances of this market are the need and supply imbalance due to the ban on Central African imports and price fluctuation of tantalum ores in different mining locations. However, long term supply agreements are projected to substantially hamper the price compared to spot rates and also guarantees supply.

The global tantalum market is divided on the basis of application, end-user and region. The global tantalum market is divides on the basis of application into medical implants, turbine and aircraft structure parts, capacitors, optical coatings, carbide cutting tools, thin-film resistors, others. The global tantalum market is divides on the basis of end-user into carbides, super alloys, chemicals, sputtering agents, anode powder and wire, others. The global tantalum market is divides on the basis of region into North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific.

The various strategies adopted by the companies to expand in the tantalum Market are mergers & acquisitions, product launches, and agreements & collaborations. These strategies support the products and yield strong performing products for the market regulations and finally, exhibit better customer satisfaction. The companies are Talison Minerals Pvt. Ltd., China Minmetals Corp., Cabot Corp., Ethiopia Mineral Development Share and some of the top plants of tantalum production mines are located in Kenticha, Nanping, Greenbushes, and Wodgina. Some of the top tantalum producing companies are Talison Minerals Pty Ltd., Cabot Corp., China Minmetals Corp., and Ethiopia Mineral Development Share Company, Wodgina, Greenbushes, Nanping and Kenticha.

The global tantalum market is segmented
By Application:
• Medical implants
• Turbine and aircraft structure parts
• Capacitors
• Optical coatings
• Carbide cutting tools
• Thin-film resistors
• Others
By End-User:
• Carbides
• Super alloys
• Chemicals
• Sputtering agents
• Anode powder
• Wire
• Others

By Region:
• North America
• Latin America
• Europe
• Middle East & Africa
• Asia Pacific

The Leading Key Players in Tantalum Market

Talison Minerals Pty Ltd.
Cabot Corp.
China Minmetals Corp.
Ethiopia Mineral Development Share Company