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Software Defined Data Centre Market: COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis Forecast to 2028

Published Date: May 2021

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SDDC also called as VDC (virtual data center) or software-defined data center is a term related to marketing which aims at extension of the concept of virtualization like pooling, abstraction and automation of all resources of data-center resources, and services to achieve ITaaS (IT as a service). A system where all the elements of the infrastructure that are storage, networking, security and CPU are virtualized and deployed as a service is called as software defined data center. SDDC is casted away to combiners and data-center builders other than towards tenants, as ITaaS represents an output of SDDC. To tenants software awareness in infrastructure is invisible. A data storage resources which is software based where all other resources including networking, security and storage are combined is a software defined data center. A user portal is provided by SDDC which uses web-sever and is responsible for the delivery of data. It helps its customers to get the access to the information using cloud and virtualization. Also it is accountable for providing improved data management which is in turn accountable for creating backup of the data.

All those who delivers growing security with less price, scalability, increased data center agility & management of operation of data center are accountable in the growth of SDDC. Industries who are tangled into retail, telecom, IT & healthcare has faced sudden growth in big data and therefore it has become significant for them to adopt SDDC. Hence the market of SDDC is expected to reach a new level of rapid growth in the field of automated data center involving SDDC. The key challenge in this industry is data security, that is security of the data. No matter how big is the challenge, there is always a huge demand for dynamically connectivity, mainly for growing economies, is building great chances for these kind of industries in market. Various verticals such as IT and telecom, healthcare, government, and retail has adopted SDDCs. There are also some other industrial segments such as media, entertainment, education transportation and utilities who supports or requires SDDC. Government and BFSI are thought to be the one who will lead the market of SDDC because of their abrupt increase in big data and increased demand of all those software related to these services and data storage. The worldwide market of SDDC is geographically classified into Europe, Asia-Pacific, LAMEA and North America. The largest share of the worldwide market of SDDC is with North America, as it is owing all the advancements of technology and adoption of SDDCs.Moreover the most fast growing geography would be APAC region because of increase in demand for Software based services.

The global market can be divided on the basis of solutions, application, data center type, industry verticals and geography. Based on solutions, the global software defined data center market can be segmented into software defined storage, software defined compute and software defined networking. By application, the global software defined data center market can be divided into deployment, integration and consulting, managed services. Based on data center type, the global software defined data center market can be segmented into enterprise data centers, large data centers, mid-sized data centers. By industry verticals, the global software defined data center market can be bifurcated into IT, telecom and BFSI, defense and government, healthcare, retail, education and others. By geography, the global software defined data center market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific.

Some of the players in the global software defined date center market include Dell Software, VMware, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, L.P., Cisco Systems, HP Amazon Web Services, Citrix Systems, Development Company, SAP SE and International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation among others.

The global software defined data center market can be segmented
By Solution:
• Software defined storage
• Software defined compute
• Software defined networking

By Application:
• Deployment
• Integration and consulting
• Managed services

By Data Center Type:
• Enterprise data centers
• Large data centers
• Mid-sized data centers

By Industry Verticals:
• IT
• Telecom and BFSI
• Defense and government
• Healthcare
• Retail
• Education
• Others

By Region:
• North America
• Latin America
• Europe
• Middle East & Africa
• Asia Pacific

The Leading Key Players in Software Defined Data Centre Market

Dell Software
VMware Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Oracle Corporation
Cisco Systems
HP Amazon Web Services
Citrix Systems
Development Company
International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation