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Potassium Hydroxide Market: COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis Forecast to 2028

Published Date: May 2021

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Potassium hydroxide (KOH) is an inorganic and liquid compound also known as caustic potash. Reacting sodium hydroxide with impure potassium gives KOH in its pure form. With the chemical formula KOH, potassium hydroxide is one of the compounds is called lye. As measured on the pH scale it has very high alkalinity. Due to its hygroscopic nature it becomes very tacky in air, hence it is sold as solid translucent pellets. When dissolved in water it dissipates the excess amount of heat thus making the reaction exothermic. KOH is a strong base has its use in niche applications. Potassium hydroxide is used in several applications such as petroleum refining, fertilizers, precursors, and soaps. The fertilizer application segment has emerged dominant in the consumption of potassium hydroxide and it is expected that the trend will continue over the forthcoming years. Potassium hydroxide is included in cleaning products, and has uses in industry and in medical diagnostics. It also has its role as an alternative health product. Potassium hydroxide, popularly known as caustic potash, is a liquid inorganic compound made by employing potassium and sodium hydroxide.

Potassium hydroxide market is driven by the excessive use of potassium hydroxide in fertilizers and household products. Growing population is also one of the major reasons behind the growing demand for potassium hydroxide as it becomes a reason for hike in food consumption in turn fueling the sales of fertilizers for better agricultural produce. Moreover, the growing disposable income of consumers in emerging economies in Asia Pacific and the Rest of the World is estimated to flourish the growth of the global potassium hydroxide market. Moreover, health and environmental hazards are associated with the use of potassium hydroxide are likely to restrain the growth of the market. The government bodies and regulatory organizations have imposed strict regulations regarding the consumption of potassium hydroxide and have made it mandatory for industries employing it to adhere certain standards. The other key factor that drives the market growth of KOH is its use in household products and in fertilizers. The world is facing ever-increasing population and hence there is continuous use of household products, which is one of the main drivers of the KOH market. The other rising factor is the use of potassium in fertilizers. With the growing demand for food, the fertilizer market is expanding causing the growth in the KOH market as well. The hazardous effects of KOH on health and also on the environment are major restraining factors for its market.
The global potassium hydroxide market is segmented by process, application and region. The global potassium hydroxide market is segmented by process into membrane cell process, electrolyte process, mercury cell process. The global potassium hydroxide market is divided by application into detergent, refining catalyst, fertilizers, food ingredient, CRTs, alkaline batteries, others. The global potassium hydroxide market is divided by region into North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific.

For maintaining a lead in the market, companies are focusing on the production of a various range of chemicals using potassium hydride and potassium along with the production of potassium hydroxide. The leading players operating in the global potassium hydroxide market are PotashCorp, JSC Uralkali, Occidental Chemical Corporation, ICL Fertilizers, Haifa Chemicals Ltd., Armand Products, and The Mosaic Company, The Mosaic Company, Armand Products, ICL Fertilizers, Occidental Chemical Cooperation, Potash Corp., and Qinghai Salt Lake Potash Company Limited among others.

The global potassium hydroxide market is segmented

By Process:
• Membrane cell process
• Electrolyte process
• Mercury cell process

By Application:
• Detergent
• Refining catalyst
• Fertilizers
• Food ingredient
• Alkaline batteries
• Others

By Region:
• North America
• Latin America
• Europe
• Middle East & Africa
Asia Pacific

The Leading Key Players in Potassium Hydroxide Market

JSC Uralkali
Occidental Chemical Corporation
ICL Fertilizers
Haifa Chemicals Ltd.
The Mosaic Company
The Mosaic Company
ICL Fertilizers
Occidental Chemical Cooperation
Potash Corp.
Qinghai Salt Lake Potash Company Limited