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PEEK COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis Forecast to 2028

Published Date: May 2021

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Global PEEK Market and Forecast to 2025.Polyether ether ketone (PEEK), is a special purpose thermoplastic, has excellent thermal, mechanical and electrical properties such as tensile, impact, coefficient of friction, load bearing, self-lubricating, resistance to fatigue etc. The material exists semi crystalline in nature, finds application in automotive, aerospace, nuclear energy, marine and medical implants. The conventional method of manufacturing PEEK involves reaction of bisphenolA with diflurobenzophenone. The global market demand of PEEK is growing with a substantial rate due to its wide range of application which includes packaging, textile, automotive parts manufacture, aerospace parts manufacture, etc. Increasing research activities over the product in order to find new application area, becomes another major reason of it growing demand. However, the material is costly and non-biodegradable. Therefore, disposal of waste which is connected to environmental regulation is a major concern for the product, exhibits the growth.

Europe is anticipated to be the largest market of the product. Growing application area and large customer base drives the product market. Due to increasing technical innovation which leads to develop new application area are the major factor towards growing the demand. Moreover, North America has the second largest market of the product, significant amount of product is consumed in automotive industry parts manufacture. Environment regulatory frame work enabled the door for automobile participants to utilize the material as an alternate of fuel by increasing the overall efficiency of the product.

Asia Pacific is one of the fast growing region in terms of PEEK demand, China and South Korea are the major leading countries in the region. The consumption in electrical and electronics leads the market demand. In addition, growing application in manufacturing industries, cheap man power are the major factor in this region.

Unfilled, Glass filled and Carbon filled are the major grades of material which isclassifiedon its major application area.

Unfilled grade: The grade of material is also known as general purpose peek, offers high toughness and elongation at break. The product is unreinforced, available in the market in sheet and rod forms. The product is utilized in making aircraft components, coating of cable and wires, microwave, etc.
Glass filled grade: The glass filled grade of PEEK, offers high modulus of flexural strength and low expansion rate. The major application area of product comprises structure requirement where higher stability and stiffness is required such as electrical components, aircrafts parts, etc.
Carbon filled grade: The expansion rate of carbon filled grade remains low. The grade offers high load bearing capacity, compressive resistance, resistance to wear, etc. It finds the application in manufacture of semiconductors, woven filaments,electrical parts&components, etc.

The convention method of manufacturing PEEK involves reaction of Bisphenol A and diflurobenzophenone. However, new technology to increase the yield has been adopted. Neucleophilicsubstitution of diflurobenzophenone takes place with hydroquinone in order to synthesize the product. Potassium carbonate is used as catalyst. The operation needs aninert medium and constant stirring. The water is azeotropic distillate from initial stage where the temperature variation is 80-110 ºC. The temperature in the propagation step is around 110-130ºC, toluene is separated out. Furthermore, the reaction is maintained at 180-200ºC, for a length of time and cooled to room temperature. The product is obtained as a result of the process.

Keyplayers of PEEK in the global market are, JrlonInc, PanjinZhongrun High-Performance Polymers Co. Ltd, J.K. Overseas, A. Schulman AG,Imperial ChemicalIndustries, Zyex Ltd, Caledonian Ferguson Timpson Ltd, Quadrant EPP Surlon India Ltd, Victrex Plc,Solvay S.A.,Kingfa, ZYPEEK,JUSEP, Tri-Mack Plastics Manufacturing Corp,etc.

Electrical and electronics sector is the most demanding sector for PEEK material. Various component such as valves, gears,insulated wires, fibers, etc. are made. Moreover, automotive, aerospace, medical, chemical are the other demanding sectors. The material poses high resistivity to heat, leads the demand in microwave application and production of automotive engine parts. Oil extracting components such as drills, flange, flare, etc. in energy sector has end- use of this material. In medical sector, packaging sheet with high wall thickness for medicine packaging are made.Extruded tubes, wires and heat shrink in automotive sector are also manufactured of PEEK material.

PEEK Market by End-User Industry
• Electronics
• Semiconductor
• Mobile Film
• Others Application
• Oli & gas
• Pipe
• Others Application
• Aerospace
• Brackets
• Fasteners
• Other Applications
• Medical
• Spine
• Arthroscopy
• Other Applications
• Automotive
• Transmission System
• Braking System
• Gears
• Other Application
• Other End Use Industries

The Leading Key Players in Peek Market

PanjinZhongrun High-Performance Polymers Co. Ltd
J.K. Overseas
A. Schulman AG
Imperial ChemicalIndustries
Zyex Ltd
Caledonian Ferguson Timpson Ltd
Quadrant EPP Surlon India Ltd
Victrex Plc
Solvay S.A.
Tri-Mack Plastics Manufacturing Corp