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Mist eliminator Market: COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis Forecast to 2028

Published Date: May 2021

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The mist eliminators are very advance mechanical devices that prevents or reduces the oil vapor that can be seen with air steam moving out of vents mainly in the oil lubricating systems of huge rotating shaft machines which moves in very high speed that includes high speed couplings, turbo generators, gear boxes, turbo compressor, gas turbines, steam turbines and others. the environment norm is very strict regarding contaminations thus these Mist eliminator mechanical devices help in avoiding or removing the oil mist coming out from contaminated air and soil and thus providing the companies to adhere to the environmental regulation. The oil mist coming out from these machineries can buildup in the enclosed facilities even the outdoor air quality is hampered and can be prone to fire hazard or contaminated work environment in the facilities, thus mist eliminators help to maintain the cleaner and safer work environment. Large capital is invested in these oils and they are wasted in the process with air, Mist eliminator avoid them to get out thus colleting the used oil and helping the facilities to reduce their overall cost.

Countries’ like United states, Germany, United Kingdom, India and China and other are moving their focus in more implementation and use of Mist eliminators and the Government has stated apprising the companies and the manufacturers who are religiously adhering to the rules and regulation regarding emission of these harmful oil and gases. These companies also being rewarded with tax exemption and other incentives and benefits. There has been a huge concern and focus towards emission standards and environmental protection and these norms would become more rigid and strict over the period of time as there have been lots of changes can be seen in the environmental conditions, thus leading to more focus of these government organization towards environment and this will ensure the use more Mist eliminators in coming year, hence boosting the overall mist eliminator market. Industries like power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical etc. emits huge amount of toxic wasted in the environment thus with stricter norm will boost the growth for use of Mist eliminators and the overall market.

Globally, the mist eliminator market is further divided or segmented or on the basis of type, application, Material, end user, and geography. By type, the global mist eliminator market can be further divided into fiber bed, vane, wire mesh and others. By application, the market is further divided by scrubber, distillation tower, knockout drum evaporation, and others. By material, the global mist eliminator market is further divided into FRP, Metal, Polypropylene and others. By end user, the global mist eliminator market can be divided into desalination, oil & gas, chemical, power generation and others. By geography, the global mist eliminator market is further divided into North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific. China market has a huge demand for mist eliminator as huge industrial production growth is seen in the last couple of years. They are most promising consumer of the mist eliminators market in the world. The huge demand in Asia-Pacific is predicted to be as one of the major driving force to the growth of the global mist eliminator market. Other emerging economies such India, mexico and Barzil also seem to be promising markets and rapid growth is project in the manufacturing sector in theses economies.

Major player in the global mist eliminator market are Hillard Corporation, Air Quality Engineering, FMC Technologies Inc., Munter AB, Sulzer Chemtech, Koch-Glitsch, MECS Inc, AMACS, Kimre Inc., Sullair LLC., and other. These players are focusing on desiging new market strategies that includes partnership with international companies to build their global presence also focusing on mergers and acquisitions with established player and even local and small and medium size industries which is helping them to reduce the cost and minting huge profit margins as venturing with local players reduces the overall cost and establishing a solid platform for their market reach and brand name is a key market strategy in the global mist eliminators market.

The global mist eliminator market is further divided or segmented
By Type:
• fiber bed
• vane
• wire mesh
• others

By Application:
• Scrubber
• distillation tower
• knockout drum evaporation
• others

By Material:
• Metal
• Polypropylene
• others

By End-User:
• Desalination
• oil & gas
• chemical
• power generation
• others
By Region:
• North America
• Latin America
• Europe
• Middle East & Africa
• Asia Pacific

The Leading Key Players in Mist Eliminator Market

Hillard Corporation
Air Quality Engineering
FMC Technologies Inc.
Munter AB
Sulzer Chemtech
Kimre Inc.
Sullair LLC.