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Medical Radiation Shielding Market: COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis Forecast to 2028

Published Date: May 2021

No. of Pages: 208

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Report Code: EMR100315

Radiation protection, usually recognized as radiological protection, is defined as protection of human being from harmful effects of exposure to ionizing radiation, and the means for achieving this. The accepted understanding of the term radiation protection is restricted to protection of people. Exposure can be in the form of a radiation source which is external to the human body or because of the intake of radioactive material into the body. The ionizing of radiation is having various use in industry and medicine, and it can present a substantial health threat. It results in microscopic impairment to the live tissue that results in skin burns & radiation sickness at great exposures and statistically higher risks of cancer at least exposures.

The global market is anticipated owing to the diagnostic shielding segment for the largest amount of share of the market during the future. The growth is boosted by the factors which includes technological advancements and rising adoption rate of medical diagnostic equipment. The other factors, including the swelling usage of nuclear medication, rising cases of cancer and radioactive treatment for diagnosis purpose and handling treatment of cancer. The rising count of diagnostic imaging centers and installation centers of radiology kit, hiking safety cognizance among people functioning in radiation-prone surroundings, increasing healthcare industry cross the globe, and rise in the number of people which are under insurance are anticipated to rise the growth of this market. However, higher prices of MRI scanners are projected to confine the growth of this market in the coming forecast period. The emerging economies of Asia Pacific such as China and India are prosperous markets in the creation, as consciousness about the health threats of radiation have been encouraging a desire for radiation-free functioning environment.

The global market is divided based on products, solution, end-user and region. The global market is divided on the basis of products such as x-ray rooms, lead glass, shields, booths, sheet lead, barriers, high density concrete blocks, lead bricks, lead lined doors and windows, lead acrylic, MRI shielding products, lead curtains. The global market is divided on the basis of solution such as radiation therapy shielding, diagnostic shielding. The global market is divided on the basis of end-user into hospitals, diagnostic centers. The global market is segmented based on region such as North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific.

The major players active in the global medical radiation shielding market are Ray-Bar Engineering Corp, Nelco, Inc., Global Partners in Shielding, Inc., ETS-Lindgren, MarShield, Gaven Industries, Inc., A&L Shielding, Centervue SpA, Optos Plc (Nikon Corporation), Amray, Radiation Protection Products, and Veritas Medical Solutions LLC, ZEISS International, and Global Partners in Shielding, Inc. The manufacturers have been working on the enhancement of the efficiency of their products, and aims at ensuring complete safety from radiation.

The global medical radiation shielding market is segmented
By Product:
• X-ray rooms
• Lead glass
• Shields
• Booths
• Sheet lead
• Barriers
• High density concrete blocks
• Lead bricks
• Lead lined doors and windows
• Lead acrylic
• MRI shielding products
• Lead curtains

By Solution:
• Radiation therapy shielding
• Diagnostic shielding

By End-User:
• Hospitals
• Diagnostic centers

By Region:
• North America
• Latin America
• Europe
• Middle East & Africa
• Asia Pacific 

The Leading Key Players in Medical Radiation Shielding Market

Ray-Bar Engineering Corp
Nelco Inc.
Global Partners in Shielding Inc.
Gaven Industries Inc.
A&L Shielding
Centervue SpA
Optos Plc (Nikon Corporation)
Radiation Protection Products
Veritas Medical Solutions LLC
ZEISS International
Global Partners in Shielding