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Medical Radiation Detection Market: COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis Forecast to 2028

Published Date: May 2021

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Radiation detection is the method of measuring the capacity of radioactive particles which are reaching the body. They are widely used to calculate the total quantity of radiations. These devices possess the some characteristic properties such as spatial resolution, energy resolution, counting speed and sensitivity. The major factors which control the total amount of radiation received are distance, time and shielding. Reducing the total turnaround time of exposure in turn reduces the effective dose proportionately. By increasing the total distance between the body and the source exceptionally reduces the total dosage intake. On the other hand, shielding refers to a form of material with absorbing qualities located near the source to reduce the total radiation levels. The radiation protection instruments are categorized into portable instruments and installed instruments. Installed instruments are immovable and are located in the area of radiation whereas portable instruments are carried depending upon the location of radiation source.

Rapid growth in the medical radiation monitoring and detection market is chiefly driven by several key factors such as rising utilization of radiation therapy and nuclear medicine for treatment and diagnosis as well as rising prevalence of cancer across the globe. Moreover, increasing awareness regarding safety across people employed in environments prone to radiation coupled with increasing number of consumers covered with some or the other insurance. Also, delays of product approval owing to strict regulatory scenario are anticipated to restrain the growth of the market to a certain extent. In addition, increase in the prevalence of chronic disorders leading to rise in diagnostic treatments along with a rapid increase in the total number of radiation therapy techniques are some other major aspects fuelling the growth of the global market. Furthermore, new innovations in the field of nuclear medicine coupled with rising demand for radiation based diagnostic technologies owing to non-invasive and pain-free procedures are some other key elements bolstering the growth of the market. However, scarcity of skilled personnel to handle radiation procedures and strict FDA guidelines regarding the proper use of radiation are expected to hinder the market growth over the forecast period.

The global medical radiation detection market is widely categorized into detection and monitoring products, detectors and safety products. On the basis of detector, the global medical radiation detection market is segmented into scintillators, gas-filled detectors, and solid-state detectors. On the basis of product type, the global medical radiation detection market is segmented into area process monitors, personal dosimeters, radioactive material monitors, surface contamination monitors, environment radiation monitors and others. On the basis of product, the global medical radiation market is classified into hand safety products, face protection products, full-body protection products and others. On the basis of end user, the global medical radiation detection market is segmented into hospitals and non-hospitals.

Key players in the global medical radiation detection market are focusing on key market strategies such as mergers, acquisitions and partnerships among others. Some of the major players include Landauer, Inc., Mirion Technologies, Inc., IBA Worldwide, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sun Nuclear Corporation, Ludlum Measurements, Inc., Radiation Detection Company, Inc., Biodex Medical Systems, Inc., Arrow-Tech, Inc., Fluke Biomedical, AmRay Medical, Infab Corporation and PTW Freiburg GmbH among others.

The global medical radiation detection market is widely segmented

By Detectors:
• Scintillators
• Gas-filled detectors
• Solid-state detectors

By Product Type:
• Area process monitors
• Personal dosimeters
• Radioactive material monitors
• Surface contamination monitors
• Environment radiation monitors
• Others

By Product:
• Hand safety products
• Face protection products
• Full-body protection products
• Others

By End-User:
• Hospitals
• Non-hospitals

The Leading Key Players in Medical Radiation Detection Market

Landauer Inc.
Mirion Technologies Inc.
IBA Worldwide
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sun Nuclear Corporation
Ludlum Measurements Inc.
Radiation Detection Company Inc.
Biodex Medical Systems Inc.
Arrow-Tech Inc.
Fluke Biomedical
AmRay Medical
Infab Corporation
PTW Freiburg GmbH