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Blow Molded Containers Market: COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis Forecast to 2028

Published Date: May 2021

No. of Pages: 208

Status: Upcoming

Report Code: EMR100130

The blow mold containers are engineered and non-natural with coextruded films, this is done by applying a mixture or combination of PA (Nylon) between PE (Polythene) on the outer side, whereas inside there are sealing layers of adjusted PE. The saran (P.V.D.C.) barriers designed to seal the gas in, protect the colour of the food to be stored in the blow mold containers; making them suitable for applications in the food & beverage industry. Global Blow Molded Containers Market market was valued, in 2017 USD XX million and in 2024 is expected to reach at USD XX million with growing CAGR of XX%.

The global Blow Molded Containers market is growing due to increasing the need for packaging solutions with a good puncture. The growing demand for packaging pouches suitable for wet as well humid environments is also a driving factor. The demand for packaging solutions to maintain the red colour of the meat another driving factor; carbon monoxide is used to maintain the red colour of any kind of meat when flushed inside the pouch instead of oxygen. However, the concerns for global warming coupled with the excessive use of plastic for manufacturing blow mold containers; is a restraining factor for the growth of its market. The feature of blow mold containers that facilitates in sealing through contamination and folds, is widening the scope for the growth of its market. One of the prominent trend in the global gas flush pouch market is the availability of the customization as per the definite needs of the consumer. Another prominent rend is that many blow mold containers have a oxygen barrier as well as good moisture.

Market Players:
Blow Molded Containers market is very competitive and fragmented, the market consists of various players, few key players of the market are Alpha Poly Corporation, Bemis Company, Inc., Caspak Products P/L, Clifton Packaging Group Limited, Duropac, Euroflex, Flexipol Packaging Limited, Foodpack, Multivac Ireland Ltd., Sav-on Bags, Sepack India Private Limited, Sigma Plastics Group, Sorbentsystems.com, Synpac Limited, The Vacuum Pouch Company, Van der Stahl Scientific, Inc. among others.

The Blow Molded Containers market is classified into application, product type and region. Based on the application the Blow Molded Containers market is bifurcated into household, commercial space, administrative space and entertainment space.
Further, on the basis of region the market is segmented into North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America and Middle East & Africa.

Market segmented based on medium of product type:
Product type, by finishing effect:
• Single Color Blow Molded Containers
• Colorful Blow Molded Containers
• Rock Pieces Blow Molded Containers
• Imitation Brick Blow Molded Containers
• Others

Product type, by emulsion grade:
• Styrene Acrylic Blow Molded Containers
• Pure Acrylic Blow Molded Containers
• Silicone Acrylic Blow Molded Containers

Product type, by construction method:
• Spray
• Scraping

Market segmented based on medium of application:
• Household
• Commercial Space
• Administrative Space
• Entertainment Space

Market segmented based on region:
• North America
• US
• Canada
• Mexico
• Europe
• UK
• Germany
• France
• Rest of Europe
• Asia-Pacific
• China
• Japan
• India
• Australia
• Rest of Asia-Pacific
• Latin America
• Brazil
• Rest of Latin America
• Middle East and Africa (MEA)
• South Africa
• Saudi Arabia
• Rest of MEA

The Leading Key Players in Blow Molded Containers Market

Alpha Poly Corporation
Bemis Company Inc.
Caspak Products P/L
Clifton Packaging Group Limited
Flexipol Packaging Limited
Multivac IrelLtd.
Sav-on Bags
Sepack India Private Limited
Sigma Plastics Group
Synpac Limited
The Vacuum Pouch Company
Van der Stahl Scientific Inc.