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Adult Diapers Market: COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis Forecast to 2028

Published Date: May 2021

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Incontinence means to the disability of the body to have proper control on urination evacuative defecation functions. According to the National Kidney Foundation, over the past few years, approximately 2 million people across the globe adopt the treatment of incontinence with the procedures of dialysis or kidney transplant, but the above mentioned number might only reflect around 10% of people who literally adopt for a treatment. In addition to this, more than around 80% of all those patients who receive proper and efficient treatment for kidney disorders are present in wealthy and developed countries with universal access to efficient and proper healthcare facilities. Hence, incontinence is considered to be a usual condition which can be easily cured by surgery or by following simple medication. However, those people who are not willing to adopt for or undergo any intrusive procedures or a surgery, the option of adult incontinence products remains.

Urinary incontinence is a serious disorder which may be a result of sphincter dysfunction, bladder dysfunction a combination of both. Occurrence of incontinence disorders increases with time and age and is considered to be a very common disorder especially among adults and elderly population. According to CDC, around 65% of the overall population of the world is suffering from urinary incontinence out of which approximately 73% of the population is dominated by women. The severity bother prevalence among adult women is relatively higher when compared to young women.

The global adult diapers market is majorly driven owing to various factors such as prevalence of increasing number of kidney related chronic disorders. In addition, end stage renal disease and benign prostatic hyperplasia are some of the other chronic diseases which are anticipated to drive the demand for adult diapers which in turn is expected to propel the overall global adult diapers market. In addition to this, increasing growth of the aging population, increasing affordability of adult diapers coupled with rapid urbanization as well as improved awareness among consumers are some of the major factors accounting for increase in consumption and demand for adult diapers hence bolstering the growth of the global adult diapers market thus driving the global adult diapers market over the forecast period.

The global adult diaper market can be divided based on design, type and region. Based on type, the global adult diaper market can be classified into disposable and reusable diapers. Considering design as a segment, the global adult diaper market can be bifurcated into pant-style diapers, pad-type diapers and flat-type diapers. On the basis of geography, the global adult diaper market can be divided into North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific. The robust demand especially in the Asia Pacific region is anticipated to be one of the key driving factors for the overall growth of the global market. Moreover, China is further projected to account for the highest share in the global market and is anticipated to maintain its lead in the overall demand during the forecast period. This can be attributed to rapid industrialization and increasing urbanization during the past few years. The markets in various other developing economies such as Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Poland, Argentina, New Zealand, Korea and India among others are also expected to witness a rapid growth throughout the forecast period. In addition to this, rising per capita disposable income and surge in the global economy is another key factor which is expected to bring impetus in the growth of the global.

Key players operating in the global market are focused on some of the major market strategies. such as partnerships, mergers, acquisitions and collaborations in order to keep hold in the ever competitive global market. Moreover they are focusing on increasing the hold on the local players to strengthen their good will as well as to enhance their market reach in the global market. Key players involved in the manufacture and supply of adult diapers include First Quality Enterprises Inc., DSG International, Covidien, Ontex International, Daio Paper, Mediline Industries, Kimberly Clark, Kao Corp, Hengan Group and Unicharm, FU Burg Industrial among others.

The global adult diaper market segmented into:
By Type:
• Disposable
• Reusable diapers

By Design:
• Pant-style diapers
• Pad-type diapers
• Flat-type diapers

By Region:
• North America
• Latin America
• Europe
• Middle East & Africa
• Asia Pacific

The Leading Key Players in Adult Diapers Market

DSG International
Ontex International
Daio Paper
Mediline Industries
Kimberly Clark
Kao Corp
Hengan Group
FU Burg