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Active Packaging Market: COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis Forecast to 2028

Published Date: May 2021

No. of Pages: 208

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Report Code: EMR100243

Active packaging is also known as intelligent packaging and smart packaging. Active packaging refers to special packaging system and is widely used in packing pharmaceuticals, food and other goods. Also, active packaging is constantly acting as a substitute to the conventional and traditional packaging system as it improvises the overall appearance of the products by collaborating internally as well as externally with the outer environment. The use of active packaging extensively helps in extending the overall shelf life of the products which are packed in it as well as improves the display information on the basis of quality, monitors the freshness of the products which are packed in it, enhances the safety of the product and improves the overall convenience. Active packaging usually refers to the protection of the product which is packed and possess active functions beyond the passive containment or environment which is inert. Active also known as intelligent packaging generally involves the ability to sense or measure shipping environment of the product and this data can further trigger the functions of active packaging and then can be further communicated to their respective users.

Owing to the increase in demand for ready to eat and ready to cook food products as well as packaged food products, the global active packaging market is anticipated to witness a considerable growth over the forecast period. Also, increasing confidence of consumers on packaged food safety is anticipated to aid to increase the demand for active packaging materials across the globe. Moreover, rapid growth in the urban population along with change in lifestyles and demographics has proved to be an increasing demand for ready to eat, frozen and ready to cook food. In addition to this, increasing demand for premium quality of exotic meat, fruits and vegetables as well as other frozen food products across the world is on other major element driving the demand for active packaging and is anticipated to fuel the growth of the market in the coming years. Furthermore, improved transportation facilities and services are further expected to bolster the trade between several countries which is another major element projected to augment the growth of the global active packaging market over the forecast period.

The global active packaging market can be segmented based on application, type and region. On the basis of type, the global active packaging market can be divided into intelligent packaging, active packaging and modified atmosphere systems. On the basis of application, the global active packaging market can be segmented into packaged food, beverages, dairy and dried food and frozen food. Based on region, the global active packaging market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific. The robust demand especially in the Asia Pacific region is anticipated to be one of the key driving factors for the overall growth of the global market. Moreover, China is further projected to account for the highest share in the global market and is anticipated to maintain its lead in the overall demand during the forecast period. This can be recognized to rapid industrialization and rising urbanization during the past few years. The markets in other developing economies such as Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Poland, New Zealand, Argentina, Korea and India among others are also predictable to witness a rapid growth throughout the forecast period. More over to this, increasing per capital disposable income and surge in the global economy is extra key factor.

Key players effective in the global market are focused on some of the major market strategies such as mergers, partnerships, collaborations and acquisitions in order to keep hold in the ever competitive global market. Furthermore, they are focusing on gaining hold on the local players to strengthen their goodwill as well as to enhance their market reach in the global market. Key players involved in the manufacture and supply of active packaging systems include Sealed Air Corp., Ball Corp., SYSCO Corp., Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, VIP Packaging, Graham Packaging Company, Timestrip PLC and Amcor Ltd. among others.

The global active packaging market can be segmented:
By Type:
• Intelligent Packaging
• Active Packaging
• Modified Atmosphere Systems
By application:
• Packaged Food
• Beverages
• Dairy And Dried Food
• Frozen Food

By Region:
• North America
• Latin America
• Europe
• Middle East & Africa
• Asia Pacific

The Leading Key Players in Active Packaging Market

Sealed Air Corp.
Ball Corp.
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical
VIP Packaging
Graham Packaging Company
Timestrip PLC
Amcor Ltd.