Global Sinus Dilation Devices Market: High prevalence of chronic sinusitis across the globe due to environmental pollution, low immunity is propelling the market growth

Published Date: 16/05/2021

Rising healthcare expenditure in developed, and developing, economies is major factor for expansion of the market. Rising awareness regarding Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), especially in emerging regions such as Middle East Africa, is also expected to boost the market growth. Rising adoption of Minimally Invasive Surgery, due to various advantages associated with such as minimum recovery time and less hospital stay is expected to drive sinus dilation devices market growth.

Increasing prevalence of chronic sinusitis and adoption of balloon sinuplasty procedures over the conventional surgery’s procedure is also propelling the market growth. For instance, as per estimation of CDC, in U. S. around 30.8 million suffered from chronic sinusitis, thus rising prevalence of sinusitis is influencing demand for sinus dilation devices.

Hospitals segment is expected to hold major market share for sinus dilation devices market
For the treatment of sinusitis, patient prefer the hospital for diagnosis and treatment is major factor for the market growth. Increasing adoption of the balloon sinuplasty surgeries procedure for the sinusitis treatment is trigger the hospital segment growth. Rapidly growing healthcare infrastructure facilities and healthcare expenditure in developing countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, India, China, will further propel the segment growth.

Asia Pacific is expected to fastest growing market for global sinus dilation market
Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market following the increasing prevalence of chronic sinusitis population in the region. As per the WHO, in India, high prevalence of asthma, COPD diseases is increasing risk of sinusitis in this region. Besides, increasing awareness among people about balloon sinuplasty surgeries is expected to drive the market growth. Huge developments in the pharmaceutical industry, expanding infrastructure of healthcare institutes such as hospitals & clinics, diagnostic laboratories, and presence of well-trained professionals majorly in India, China and Japan contributes to the growth of the APAC.

Middle East & Africa is Emerging Market for Sinus Dilation Market
High prevalence of nasel allergies in Middle East region owing to envirmental pollution is expected to propel market growth. Furthermore, In Africa, government organization such as Pan African Thoracic organized various health program in African countries focus for respiratory diseases is expected to propel the market growth. Growing urbanization, rising investment in healthcare infrastructure is propel the market growth.