Global Railway wiring harness market:Railway Wiring Harness Market to Benefit Strongly by 2027; Integration of Internet Services and Safety Features in High-Speed Trains to Augment Growth.

Published Date: 20/05/2021

Railway wiring harness market size was valued at USD 2.785 billion by 2020 and valued at USD 5.05 billion by 2027 expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.90% over the forecast period of 2020 to 2027. The railway wiring harness is an assembly of electric cables or wires which is used in locomotives engines and coaches for various end use application and it is assembled with two or more electrical termination devices. Railway wiring harnesses are arranged or assembled and arranged as one assembly. Railway wiring harness is designed or used to control and minimize the transfer of shock and vibration. Railway wiring harness are installed in trains where abrasion could occur and in places where sharp or rough edges are present.

The railway wiring harness in trains is increasing in volume due to adoption of internet services through LAN which helps in communication purposes. The investment by the OEMs over enhancing the technology have increased the adoption of railway wiring harness. The installation of advanced railway wiring harness solutions will bring simplicity to the production management among public or private railway departments.

One of the key driving factors for the players to withstand in the railway wiring harness market is to provide complete solution to the end users. Most of the key competitors offer customized railway wiring harness, and they participate in the complete value chain. For example, players in railway wiring harness market involve in designing, product development, manufacturing, testing, installation and services, and it support the end user. Frequent services are required for railway wiring harness as there are millions of people travel by train per day.

The development in providing 3D harness and having IPC trained operators will be the driving factors for the growth of manufacturers of railway wiring harness. Currently, highly functional and advanced railway system projects are growing faster in the developing economies and it is driving the global railway wiring harness market. These projects have increased the demand for more railway wiring harness in volume and it will reduce the complexity.

The electrical wiring system corrosion because of environmental changes has been a major issue. Corrosion affects the various systems in trains that are powered by the wiring harness. For instance, corrosion can cause voltage and current flow degradation which a sensor could interpret as a system fault. The fault can lead to the malfunction of safety systems like computer-based train control, positive train control, and others.

Rail manufacturers bundle wiring harnesses tightly to standardize the manufacturing process. This, however, causes various problems such as wearing out of wires and chances of fire. Most of trains run in an open environment which is susceptible to changes in weather conditions. Water leakages wear out wires and can cause corrosion of wires internally leading to malfunctions of various systems of a train. Wiring harness corrosion can thus be a major restraint for the railway wiring harness market.
The major companies profiled in for the Railway Wiring Harness Market share include Furukawa (Japan), Leoni (Germany), Hitachi (Japan), Nexans (France), and Prysmian (Italy), TE Connectivity (Switzerland), SamvardhanaMotherson (India), General Cable (US), Taihan (South Korea), NKT (Denmark), and others.

The developed nations such as the US, Japan, Germany, the UK, and France have created a wide network of railways in their respective countries and it has driven the global railway wiring harness market. But currently India and China are holding key market share in terms of deployment of railway wiring harness and it is due to various macroeconomic factors such as growing population, urbanization and industrialization. In the forecast period, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia, and Nigeria will show positive growth momentum as these countries are executing new railway or metro projects which will drive the global railway wiring harness market.