Envisage Market Research reports are user-specific and are only generated to store the information of the personnel. It is not intended to be published as general information on the website of the company under the guidelines of privacy maintained by the user. Therefore maintaining the integrity of the website and the customer information stored in them is important to safeguard.

No part of the report or service may be resold, circulated, lent, or disclosed to any party who is not a customer without written permission from Envisage Market Research. For information regarding permission, please contact: sales@envisageresearch.com

No part of the report may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means – electronic, photocopying, mechanical, recording, or otherwise – without the permission of the publisher, i.e. Envisage Market Research.

All statements of facts, opinions and intentions associated with the analysis of the data present in the market report are subjective to the views and opinions of the analysts who are working with the data. The opinions expressed are personal and the company, Envisage Market Research does not have any authority or copyright over the intentions and opinions expressed by the analyst in the market research report. Thus Envisage does not assume any short-term or long-term responsibility for the losses incurred by the consumer upon analyzing the viewpoints mentioned in the market reports.